Steve Heisler

Copywriter, Journalist and Content Manager

United States

Hello! I'm Steve, a journalist and games writer with fluency in comedy, TV and games of board/video/card varieties. On the corporate side, I work as a PR and marketing content specialist for a software company. Both my B2C and B2B writing offers clarity about complex topics—I excel at distilling technical jargon and industry lingo into compelling, precise pieces of content.

Publications include: Rolling Stone, GQ, Fast Company, Variety, The AV Club and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Endorsed by Mel Brooks. Seriously!

Rolling Stone
Jerky Boys: Behind the Prank Calls That Changed Comedy

During their nineties heyday, the Jerky Boys turned prank calling into a funny, filthy art form. Then they went quiet. Now, the group's co-founder and driving force, Johnny Brennan, is ready to hit redial on his career.

Marketing News
Chronic Misperception

How a content marketer with a background in journalism is helping to reverse cannabis stigma—the result of decades of anti-drug propaganda—by focusing on the facts